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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 editorial | Watershed’s award-winning editorial
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Grassroots Democracy


Democracy is coming to a municipality near you this fall. What are the platforms of your local candidates and why is it so important to become involved? A former political pundit…read more

Grassroots Democracy - Fall 2018

author: Orland French  
illustration: Tim Snyder

Ed’s House:
Honouring the Journey


A community comes together to build a hospice that will be a centre of excellence that echoes the compassion and caring of the many volunteers who are determined to bring…read more

Ed's House Honouring the Journey - Fall 2018

author: Cecilia Nasmith


The Canadian Company
That Could


How often do you look at a label on a piece of clothing only to see that it was manufactured in Bangladesh or China? While much of Canada’s garment production has shifted…read more

The Canadian Company the Could - Fall 2018

author: Micol Marotti   
photography: Johnny C. Y. Lam

Lager Heads


A suds-sational tour of local craft breweries that use traditional ingredients and the artisanal skills of their entrepreneurial owners to produce genuine brews that are as far from…read more

Lager Heads - Fall 2018

author: Tom Cruickshank 


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FENCE POSTS: The View from the Top

author: Dan Needles   illustrator: Shelagh Armstrong

Last year in this space I wrote about painting my barn. That was a totally unnecessary project and a shameless vanity because barns do not require paint…

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MUST, MUST, MUST: What’s New and What’s To Do

Our Must, Must, Must section highlights a broad range of events, festivals, activities and galleries that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed region…

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BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE: From Farmers’ Markets to Canada’s Top Restaurants

author: Alana Fearnall   photography: Matthew Botha

The Enright Cattle Company embodies a new approach to agriculture that focuses on sustainability and creativity…

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WATERSHED PRESENTS: Prince Edward County’s 25th Anniversary Studio Tour

author: Janet Davies

Prince Edward County’s iconic studio tour is celebrating a milestone anniversary with more artists, more locations and a commemorative book…

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WATERSHED PRESENTS: Cobourg Remembers the Great War

author: Hugh Brewster

“The war came out of a clear sky” remembered Stephen Leacock of August 4, 1914, “the clear sky of vacation time, of the glory of the Canadian summer.”…

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GEORGE'S POND: Weather-Obsessed

author: George Smith   illustrator: Lee Rapp

My kids think I’m a bit daft. I suspect Joy does too, but she’s less vocal about it. Honestly, I’m not sure they’re wrong. This is all about weather. I’m obsessed…

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INNOVATION: A Heady Partnership

author: Meghan Sheffield   photography: Stewart Stick

Province Brands and Loyalist College are on-track to deliver an industry game changer – Cannabis Beer. Dooma Wendschuh is a quirky…

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HABITAT: Lessons from the Forest

author: Norm Wagenaar  

Time spent in the woods is one of life's sublime and simple pleasures - unstructured time to think of nothing and everything all at once…

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FIELD NOTES: The Eastern Wild Turkey

author: John Napes

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the local domestic turkey population must be gobbling with envy at their distant cousins, the eastern…

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FOOD & DRINK SCENE Craft Cideries in the Watershed Area

author: Jeff Bray 

Welcome to the local Food & Drink Scene where Watershed shares its secrets and discoveries. Our region is blessed with creative chefs, restaurateurs…

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author: Conrad Beaubien 

Stepping into Leslie Fruman’s surrounds is tenfold the experience of Musée de l’orangerie in Paris, which houses the titanic Water Lily series of Claude Monet…

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MEANDERINGS: The Winds of Change

photograph: Courtesy of Community Archives of Belleville and Hastings

The end of the First World War was a turning point for Canadian women. Between 1914 and 1918, they’d not only kept the home fires burning while the men…

First Words

jane kelly fall 2018

What is it about fall that makes us take stock and set our goals for the days ahead? Maybe we’re regenerated after the summer, but whatever it is, come Tuesday after Labour Day weekend, we push the reset… read more


Thank you for the recent article on Entomo Farms and for helping to get the word out about our vision to bring a sustainable and nutrient-dense cricket protein superfood to market, and for telling the people in the…



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hairline wide 865x8CONTRIBUTORS
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hugh brewster

cont1As the author of 14 books on historical themes, Hugh Brewster has also chronicled the lives of several Canadians...

micol marotti


A former journalist and producer for Media Monkey Productions, Micol Marotti has also worked for the National...

orland french

cont3A veteran writer and journalist, Orland French lives in Belleville with his wife Sylvia. After a journalism career of pursuing…