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CULTURAL CURRENTS: Claudia Jean Mccabe

author: Denny Manchee

Cultural Current

HER PAINTINGS ARE AS VIVACIOUS AS HER PERSONALITY, leaping from tables, walls and floor like a jazz riff in colour and bold brushwork. “I paint from my imagination,” says McCabe, whose work ranges from delicate watercolours to large abstracts, from whimsical characters (Modigliani’s Sister, Pa’s Shirts) to the jewels of her Bijoux series – and flowers, lots of them: bouquets, loners, the quirky, the potted, the lush.

Born in Montreal, then a longtime Toronto resident, McCabe moved to Picton eight years ago and now can’t imagine living anywhere else. “I love it here, everything is so easy,” she says. “I was a city girl all my life and now I long for stillness and quiet.”

Highly accomplished and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, McCabe also writes, teaches and does graphic design. She sums up her approach this way: “For reasons beyond seasons, I paint. Colour, form, freedom, harmony, asymmetry – all continue to awaken my soul, fuel my passion and draw me ever closer to creativity’s infinite mysteries.” Look for her work at Arts on Main in Picton, the Sybil Frank Gallery in Wellington and online at cjmccabe.com/index.html

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