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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 editorial | Watershed’s award-winning editorial takes readers to the heart of our community with insightful stories and articles.


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 watershed icon white bg 74x74 design | Watershed’s classic design appeals to both readers and advertisers who are drawn to its artfully designed pages.

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circulation | With a regional circulation of 25,000 magazines per issue, Watershed is the largest publication in the region.

The Open-Air Asylum

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Port Hope has been home to its share of eccentrics in the past – The Great Farini, The Walking Barber, The Flying Tailor. Then came Farley Mowat, and now a whole new crop of lively characters.

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author:  Tom Cruickshank

The Shape of Christmas

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Can the local Boy Scouts make enough money selling Christmas trees to pay for a trip to the annual jamboree? Everything looks great until a big wad of cash disappears.
christmas fiction 265pxauthor: Joan Williams / illustrator:  Tim Zeltner

Pour This Story Down Your Pipeline

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Beer, water, molasses, sewage, ammonia – pipelines carry much more than oil and gas. But it’s the transportation of energy products that has people making placards and pressing their politicians.

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 Orland French /  illustrator:  Carl Wiens

In The Company Of An

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If the walls of a fur-drying shed could talk, they would tell tales of a gentle man named Archie Thomas, a modern-day fur trader who embodies the spirit of those who settled this land.

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 Jane Kelly and Denny Manchee



Ernest Margetson

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Drawing on his deep experience in architecture, design and heritage, the renowned engineer is passionate about rescuing and reinventing the fine old buildings that define our landscape.

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 Mandy Martin

Local Events Calendar

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Looking for holiday activities, winter theatre, arts shows, Christmas house tours or Family Day activities? Check out the Area Events tab to find a complete listing of regional events taking place this winter.

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fence post 150pxFENCE POSTS: True Confessions from the Ninth Concession

author: Dan Needles / illustrator: Shelagh Armstrong

I JUST CAME BACK from a horse-riding adventure in the Rockies with my brother-in-law. It’s been ten years since I’ve been on a horse and I was worried that climbing back up in the saddle might make me want to give up the vow I made a decade ago never to own another horse.
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must must 150px

MUST, MUST, MUST: What's New And What's To Do

OUR MUST, MUST, MUST column highlights a broad range of unique events, causes and activities that contribute to the diverse character of the Watershed Region.


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garden gate 150pxBEYOND THE GARDEN GATE

CRAFTING A BEAUTIFUL BASKET of hand-picked delights for a love one is a gift that keeps on giving.

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cultural currents 150pxCULTURAL CURRENTS

author: Denny Manchee

“I’M NOT A LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER,” says Brian Tyson. “What I’m looking for is something that tells a story, but that isn’t complete. You make up your own mind about it.”

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2014.3 george thumb 73x74GEORGE'S POND

author: George Smith / illustrator: Lee Rapp

IF YOU GOOGLE THE WORD “technology”, you’ll find that it can mean many things. But for us Luddites, technology is all the electronic gadgets we grudgingly carry around in our pockets and purses and which take up too much space in our homes.

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pams point winter 150pxPAM'S POINT

author:  Pam Patchet /  illustrator:  Trish York 

I MET KATHE ALMOST 30 YEARS AGO on a beach in Florida. I was tired, cranky and heavily pregnant. I waddled to the nearest chaise and saw the only person I recognized from the hotel where my husband and her fiancé were attending the same course. She appeared to be my polar opposite.

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habitat 150pxHABITAT
author: Norm Wagenaar

FIRE. HUMANS HAVE BEEN USING IT for about 400,000 years, triggering a species revolution that expanded our diet, led us to create early tools and, of course, kept us warm. 

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glass 150pxGLASS HALF FULL

authors: Billy Munnelly & Kato Wakeillustrations: Jane Kessler 

IF YOU WANT A QUICK ANSWER to successful hosting, look at how good restaurants operate. It’s called preparation and presentation. The former eliminates stress, and the latter creates the feel-good vibe.hairline wide 595x15

innovation 150pxINNOVATION

author: Denise Rudnicki 

THERE IS A MYTH ABOUT CREATIVE PEOPLE. It goes something like this: the artist toils in isolation, waiting for that bolt of inspiration that sparks a burst of creative energy that produces brilliance. They create in solitude.

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food and wine 150px


author: Jeff Bray 

WELCOME TO THE LOCAL FOOD AND WINE SCENE where Watershed shares its secrets and discoveries. Our region is blessed with creative chefs, restaurateurs, vintners and purveyors of fine food...

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meanderings 150pxMEANDERINGS
author: Tom Cruickshank

FOR A WOMAN OF HER TIME, Letitia Creighton Youmans was well educated and well spoken, two things that proved useful when she became a national figure in 1882. As head of the Canadian branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, hers was a tireless crusade against drink.




Winter 2016/17

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First Words

jane kelly 6345 74x74

I’m always apprehensive about my First Words in the winter issue because the season gets the best of my emotions and heaven forbid that they spill across the Watershed pages. But here goes…... read more


Cell Phone Lifeline
Thanks for a tremendous article, with great pictures and layout...



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hairline wide 865x8CONTRIBUTORS
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tim zeltner

tim zeltner 75pxTim Zeltner is an award-winning illustrator who has spent the past two decades bringing stories and ideas to life through his art…

denny manchee

denny manchee 75px

Denny wandered into Watershed as a freelancer in 2012 and took up residence as an editor in 2015...

george smith

george smith 75pxGeorge is a Big Smoke ex-pat who has graced the pages of Watershed almost since its inception...